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The misadventures of the mishap-prone girl. That's her.
My name is Jenn!
I'm 15!
born 12th of February!
is a jack of all trades, she likes experimenting with many different crafts.
welcome to her crazy little world.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011 @ 17:10
the choco cornet experiment
Hello all! Welcome to the much awaited "what-I-did-on-Youth-Day" post~~

Okay, so here we go...

I pre-made a bunch of choco cornet shells just for this experiment. That was part of a Kato clay experiment, since I had a couple of small blocks lying around (hem hem). I wanted to try experimenting with different...uhm...chocolate mediums, so I thought - why not stuff these cornet shells while I'm at it XDD

 Aaaaannd the results of my experiment :)

 In order from left to right, the filling mediums are;
Modena Paste, brown glass paint, Kato clay, brown Sculpey mixed with TLS, same as previous, brown oil paint mixed with TLS, and brown oil paint mixed with Fimo Deko Gel.

The resulting disaster zone~~ Sadly, I didn't experiment with the Grace clay filling >< ohwell... I also filled another cornet shell with some brown deco cream (it's sorta like brown texture paste?) and it was really unsatisfying. It dried with a sort of papery texture an lost the nice swirl I gave it, plus the glaze took unnaturally  long to dry... So it isn't pictured here. Ehehe.

My favourite one is the Modena Paste for now :D

The texture and colour is the one I'm most happy with <3 overall, I must say that it has been a really fulfilling and fun experiment for me!

On to some Nendoroid vanity shots... (ohoho~)

 Our lovely maid Mugi-chan offers Totori some homemade choco cornets!

Totori, of course, cannot resist~~
She gingerly dips a finger into the smooth, velvety chocolate and inserts it into her mouth.

Heehee, she's such an angel :heart:~~~

Okaayy, that's all for today~~ I should really post the stuff that I make more... The next entry will showcase just that!

See you later~
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Saturday, 2 July 2011 @ 19:36
Atelier Totori
Hello everybody :) School has started for this poor schoolgirl, so I'm very sorry if I don't post as often from now on ;__; it's so saddening...

Ohwell, it's Youth Day on Monday (yaay, holiday for me!) so I'll be sure to post again then ;) I've picked up a couple new products and made some more things that I'm really looking forward to showing! For today, however, I have something else to show you.

 Yep, these two cuties are Atelier Totori and Kudryavka Noumi ;) aren't they adorable~~

 We'll be looking at Totori today!
This is her box!

 Tadahh, all the parts she comes with!
I took photos of each set of parts, and those will be on my flickr shortly for those who are interested in a closer look.

 The figurine on her stand! Really a かわいいの天使!

 A side profile shows us her chubby, pinchable cheeks :DDD

She's equipped with her bag and her beautiful staff now, as well as her lovely homunculus there by the side! 

 Extra leg and ribbon parts for her to sit down!

 Her crying face ;__; don't cry anymore, Totori-chan!

 Her happy face :D Happily chucking dynamite around XDD

 As one of the main focuses of the game she originated from is alchemy, she comes with a conical flask and two test tubes (blue test tube not pictured), so she can do your Chemistry practicals and titration for you!
She also has special hands to hold these equipment!

Aww look, she made you a gummy bear out of that red liquid~~~

Teehee, Totori is so cute she's fast becoming one of my favourites! Anyway, I've been pretty busy in terms of miniature work and I'll get some up tomorrow! I hope you're looking forward to it~ I should unbox Noumi soon too~

Sayonara for now!
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