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The misadventures of the mishap-prone girl. That's her.
My name is Jenn!
I'm 15!
born 12th of February!
is a jack of all trades, she likes experimenting with many different crafts.
welcome to her crazy little world.

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Monday, 20 June 2011 @ 02:31
The Pink Usagi Manju
There once was a girl named Jennifer. This little girl owned an even littler girl named Haru-chan. Haru-chan was always curious and loved sweet things, pink and riding Mr Carp. So you would imagine the ruckus caused by a box of usagi manju.

 Oh my... Haru-chan looks very happy today! I wonder what she's looking at...

 It's a beautiful box of usagi manju! How wonderful! Looks like Neko is into it as well!
Hold on a second, is that...

 OH MY GOODNESS, it's a pink usagi manju! Look how cute it is! Haru-chan loves it!

 Needless to say, Neko loves usagi manju as well, it's literally into the box.

 My my, Haru-chan sure is babying that little pink usagi, even taking it on rides on Mr Carp with her!
She looks so happy!...but...
There's something wrong with this picture, isn't there?

 The rest of the manju are gone! Who could possibly have took them?!
Come to think of it, Neko is gone as well...
I think... I think Neko ate them...
Do you think Neko ate them too?

 The little pink usagi sits quietly on Mr Carp, it's red beady eyes staring as if in deep thought into the distance.
Hey wait a second, do you see what I see?
You do, right?
Well then, what do I see?
There is something in Mr Carps mouth?!

 A peek into Mr Carp's gaping mouth proves it.
He ate the manju!
Haru must have been so preoccupied that she didn't notice Mr Carp sneakily scarfing the whole box down!
As Haru continues to panic in the background, Mr Carp silently munches his treat.

 Poor Haru-chan, she looks so frazzled!
"I couldn't find Neko..."
It looks like she still hasn't figured it out...
And our perpetrator got away scot free.

The End :)

 Teehee, these are the absolutely lovely Usagi Manju I purchased from Snowfern at TDA'11 two days ago~~ I bought 1 pink one and 3 white ones, and I got the most adorable packaging with it! So happy with them... Although, I wish I had bought much more at her store ;__; like the rose petal macaron! They would fit oh-so-perfectly into the Nendo's hands... (sulks) Ohwell, maybe I can ask her if I can buy them off her one day XDD At first I just wanted to take a couple of eating shots like I did with Azunyan and the taiyaki, but it turned into this random nonsense, HAHAHAHA.

Do you notice that Haru-chan had a different front hair part when she got flustered? She came with it, so I thought it would be fitting for that kind of situation. It was a last minute decision XDD I should have made the 春 sign on her head tilt, but too late now :P Actually, all the faces I used aren't originally from her... They're from other Nendos, but that's okay, riight? Hehehehehe~~~

Okay okay I'm sorry for bullying you Haru-chan, I just couldn't resist! (whoops my shadow was blocking her ;X) This is one of her original faces haha!

I promise that I will post more of my own crafts soon, but I'm just having so much fun with the awesome stuff that I bought! Yaay~~~ I hope you enjoyed this weirdo story!!!

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Sunday, 19 June 2011 @ 03:53
TDA 2011
This was probably one of the best events in my entire 15 years of life.

It all started when I was stalking Snowfern waay back in 2009, when I was just a wee little Sec 1. I really idolized her, drooling over the tantalizing pictures of miniatures, dragging my friends to whatever computer there was available and rambling on and on to them about how awesome she and her work was and so on and so forth. Thinking back, she probably inspired me to start this weirdo experimentation phase with minis and clay XDD You could imagine how happy I was when she mentioned that she would have a booth at TDA'09, and then the utter devastation when I happily flipped through my calender to mark the date and found out that I was leaving for another country that very day. The same thing happened the next year in 2010, when I missed Asuka's booth at STGCC'10. So this year, I was determined to come to TDA for at least an hour. And I did. Ohyes, I did.

I'm still literally reeling from everything that I saw yesterday. It was so much fun... I loved every single moment of it, nevermind that I went by myself (and ate lunch by myself, I must've looked like such a loner), means more time for me to talk and get to know the booth dealers a little bit more! I actually met Snowfern, Asuka and Aiclay yesterday! :D :D I was so psyched and happy, the first time I saw the booth I couldn't help but cover my mouth with the program booklet and just beam radiantly at them. Then I started talking. And I couldn't stop. They were just soo nice to me <3 I'll never forget this forever. And ever and ever and ever. We just chatted and laughed and I swear I can ogle at those 1:12 macarons forever, so cute (heart)~~ All three of them are such talented and nice people, I feel so honoured to have met and spent such a wonderful day with them! Jocelyn (from Aiclay) joked that I spent so much time at her booth that I could memorise her setup XDD By the way, she has 6 burgers, in the order of fishburger, cheeseburger and hamburger on the display, Ai is holding a hamburger, and the burger in the display of the set was a fishburger. I know there were 9 cupcakes on display, 4 pink and 5 blue, and 3 sandwiches....? (not such liao LOL)

*winces and waits for the DAAH to arrive*

One of my greatest regrets was not being able to successfully sneak out of the house with Daddy's DSLR, and forgetting to grab the point-and-shoot once that had failed, so now I have no pictures of the event TT__TT ohwells, I shall show you people my mini haul from TDA'11 :))

Group shot of the stuff I bought, and the programme :D 

Stuff I bought from Asuka's booth, a box of Pocky, taiyaki and a panda cookie~
It's her pretty namecard too!

 The box of usagi manju that I bought from Snowfern, as well as the baby one <3
Oohh, sushi (drools)~~

 The basket and raspberries I bought from Aiclay!
The namecard looks like a McDonalds advert - so real! \o///
 The bag of butter cookies and the red bean taiyaki from Atelier Dolle!
I love her card...it has a QR code on the back!

Last but not least, a Rilakkuma fondue Rement set I got from a booth I didn't get the name of ><
I'm sorry I didn't pick up a card! I love Rilakkuma and fonduee *O*

As you can see, most of the stuff I bought was miniature food and accessories, primarily because being a poor schoolgirl, I can only afford Nendoroids and not a full sized BJD ;__; ohwells, as I said to Snowfern that day, "I'm buying these for when I actually get a BJD, so itsokay :DD"! Hehehehehehe. In the meantime, they can be awesomesauce Nendoroid props for me!
Introducing Nendoroid Azunyan and HMO Miku~

 This is my favourite shot of Azunyan and Asuka's taiyaki!
She looks so adorable <3


 Miku smiles at Azunyan nomming happily on her taiyaki with her hands full of loot!
It's not so clear in this photo, but she is holding a panda cookie along with the taiyaki!

She's hiding her smile behind her loot...Somehow she looks alot more innocent here...
The taiyaki this time is the red bean filed one from Atelier Dolle, aswell as Asuka's panda cookie!

Next time, I'll take pictures of Snowfern's really adorable usagi manju as well as the raspberries, so look forward to that!

TDA'11 has been a truly wonderful experience for me, thank you to all the people who had worked si hard to make it happen! One day, maybe I can have a booth too, one day...

Until that day comes, see you next time~
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Saturday, 18 June 2011 @ 07:11
Hello thar everybody :) This is the first post of Dookled!Yaay :DD

To everyone who visits here, thank you so much for using a little of your precious time to read about the misadventures of this mishap-prone little girl ^^ She appreciates it greatly! Well, if you're here this early, there probably isn't much content up yet, but I'll get it all together soon, promise!

Now, as for why I made this blog... Well, it's because I don't have a blog specifically for my crafting/figure photography ^^;; I thought that at first, I might lump it together with my persona blog, but I figured it would be pretty messy, to say the least, so here I am! Also, it's because when I went to TDA for the very first time in my life (had an absolute blast there, more about that in a later post), the very nice dealers I talked to asked if 1. I was new to the doll/miniature business and 2. if I had a blog.

I've been dabbling around with clay and miniatures and sweets deco but haven't really done anything too serious with it, so I wouldn't call myself a newcomer, but I'm also not that experienced in the hobby yet. It is very enjoyable for someone like me to be able to make really cute little things, so as of now, I'm happy with experimenting and testing the waters (which is what I've been doing for the past 2 years... abit of a slow start, but I'm gearing up!) for now~ Which brings us to the first and foremost purpose of this blog - a place to share the results of my experiments for others to comment and criticize. Linking in with this first hobby is my self-proclaimed otakuism. I love lots of things Japanese, and am particularly enamoured with anime, manga and various facets of Japanese pop culture. Due to this, I am a proud owner of several Nendoroids :DD Good Smile Company is awesome, churning out cute little chibi poseable figurines that are adorable and so detailed and high quality and in so many different characters from the Japanese manga and pop culture scene. You just have to love them oh-so-much. I am the proud owner of several Nendoroids, ranging from a few girls from K-ON! to the HMO edition of Hatsune Miku to Black Rock Shooter and even cute TV mascots such as Haru-chan, the spring weather mascot that brings you the weather in Hokkaido. Pure cuteness.

So, bring the two together? It's a fantastic feeling, knowing that I can make cute props for my Nendoroid darlings to hold and eat and do whatever they want, in whatever size I need! Often, i's fun the have them model and show off my creations, or just pose them in various scenes and laugh my head off in the process :) To me,the possibilities are truly endless.

After this very long introductory blog post, I honestly do hope you stick around and listen to the misadventures of a blurpok, mishap-prone girl ^^

For now, またね!

P.S. to answer 2. stated above, if you were looking for Jennifer's blog, I think you've just found it.

P.S.S. note; it's "I think" x33
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